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We are excited to be a combined troop ranging from Grades K-8. And we represents all levels of the Girl Scout journey. While we work on badges and enjoy activities appropriate to age and levels, we believe that by having the unique opportunity to host all ages, we are cultivating a fun and enriching experience where the girls continue to learn from each other. It's the Girl Scout Way and we wouldn't have it any other way!

There are at least two troop leaders supporting each level and volunteer parents are always welcome and encouraged to participate. 

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The mythical, beautiful unicorn is a symbol of courage.


What are troop crests? These are a Girl Scout tradition, passed down from when Girl Scouts was new and leaders needed a way to easily identify girls belonging to different troops while on a hike or during an activity. Their solution was to choose a troop crest and display it proudly on sashes, flags, equipment and whatever else they could decorate! 

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